Spiritual Guidance

We all have times in our lives where we feel we need more connection to the essence of ourselves and the universal Life force.

Sometimes a life changing event brings this about, a shift in age, or simply a longing emerging from the heart.

Spiritual guidance is about setting time aside to open to that connection and find a realistic way of integrating a deeper spiritual dimension into our day to day living.

As a spiritual guide and soul befriender I offer to sit with you and be conscious of our connection with Spirit or whatever you prefer to call it.

I would expect myself to be aligned as much as I am capable of in the moment and explore with you how Spirit moves in your life and how you want to deepen and express that connection.

I will commit to being present in aliveness, expressing myself with lucidity, listening from my heart and honouring the Mystery through being open to the outcome.

Our time will include silence and speaking from the heart. If it feels right for you it may also include visualisation, prayer, movement, singing, painting, shamanic journeying, vibrational healing, chanting and other forms of spiritual expression.

The usual contract is for three sessions so we have time to be with each other and the Nameless. We can renew the three sessions again and again if we want to build a true soul friendship. I am happy to have a telephone conversation with you beforehand in order to get to know each each other a little and find out if this is the right time for us to meet. I would also love to hear from you in a few sentences what your wish for the sessions would be, so we can attune to each other. I am aware that we talk about something that is beyond words, so everything we say has to be received within the context of intention in mind.

The exchange for meetings is on a gifting basis with your own hourly fee as your guideline.

What is spiritual guidance?

1) If you are interested in learning about beliefs, observances and texts of a religion because you want to know more or seek to more fully identify with the faith community: you are seeking religious education or formation

2) If you want to relive your anxieties and learn how to understand and deal with their causes you are seeking psychotherapy.

3) If you want insight into how the wisdom of religious tradition might help you understand and respond to your problems you are seeing pastoral counselling

4) If you wish to deepen your relationship with God so that you can recognise how Gods Spirit might be calling you and moving in your life, you are seeking spiritual guidance

From “show me your Way: The complete Guide to Exploring Interfaith Spiritual Direction” Howard A. Addison