Interfaith Ministry

In July 2010 I became an interfaith minister, which was the result of two years study to find authentic spirituality and to hold others in ceremony, circles and spiritual guidance sessions.

At the end of the training I stepped to the altar of my own Truth to be ordained as a minister ( servant ) of Divinity, of Spirit, of spiritual unity.

As Interfaith ministers we have no one conventional faith tradition even though all are welcome, we have no authority or hierarchy to ordain us, we have no scriptures and we have no building. We only have our own integrity and authentic spirituality. Our own connection with Spirit, Source, Universal Life Force, Mystery, God or whatever you want to call it is the core of our commitment.

We write our own vows which is the intention we want to live by. This is mine:

I do this through my deep commitment to my own spiritual path. 
Through different forms of prayer, movement and sound as well as meditation and shamanic journeying I align with Spirit and follow Spirit guidance. I intent to be honest, walk in the light of Truth and be in my integrity.  I intend to be mindful, loving and kind in my daily actions.

My ministry is helping people to connect with and clarify their authentic spirituality. 
I do this through spiritual guidance, prayer and soul befriending in formal and informal settings.

My ministry is helping people to express their holiness and connection with the Source.
I do this through facilitating meaningful ceremonies of all kinds as well as holding circles and encouraging creativity.

My ministry is to be a channel for inspiration, to delight and share wisdom. To bless and recognize the Divine in all.