Born 1957 part ferocious lion, part slippery fish, this unrepentant hippy thankfully has her moon in Libra. Despite a deep love of birch woods snowdrops & oak trees she has mainly been planted in the great cities of Amsterdam Paris & London. After being the Founder Director of the Academy of Natural Health for 17 years, she ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2010.


As of today what makes the heart sing?

waterfalls, the Ultimate High, tawny marmelade, sweet peas, rattling of the shaman, ontbijtkoek, meadow flowers, Living Tao tai ji, indigo blue, the Himalayas, gibberish, Fragrant Feathers, the dance, Circling the Sacred, a Birmingham City supporting ex-Buddhist monk & all-encompassing Joy


Her deep wish is to meet with others in sacred space, through ceremony, healing & ritual.